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Loan Against Property Pune

Loan against Property Pune, mortgage-loan has various offers for Pune residents for Loan against Property in Pune.

Features of Loan Against Property in Pune

• Maximum tenure rate with lowest interest rates offerings.
• Option to choose from Bank you want.
• Property Loan starting from Rs 2 Lakhs.
• A minimum of 70% loan to money value of your Property.
• Up to 100%* Loan approval on current market value of Property.
• Easy and Flexible
• Speedy processing of documents and express loan disbursal.
• Different options for Salaried and Self-Employed Customers.

Deals of Loan offers various other Programs also especially for Pune customers. The programs are designed such that customers can avail Property Loan in spite of low or average income, and does not require high bank balance. These Programs are:

1) Loan Against Property – Liquid Income Program

This program is designed for customers with average monthly income, yet they want to apply for Loan against Property. In this program, 40% of market value of the property is considered as loan amount and that is approved to you instantly.

2) Loan Against Property – Normal Income Program

This program is designed both for salaried and self employed both type of customers. For Salaried and self-employed customers, they take customers monthly salary as income and make a formal income sheet and accordingly they calculate the mortgage loan eligibility and thus Loan against Property is approved to the customers.

Loan Against Property is available for various types of properties and their details

Types of Property Secured Loan Repayment Property Loan in between Years
Residential Monthly fixed EMI Based 5 to 20 years
Marketable Commercial or Industrial Monthly fixed EMI Based 5 to 15 years
Residential, Commercial or Industrial Normal Simple Interest basis 2 to 5 years

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